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Depositing at PokerStars

Depositing at PokerStars is very easy to do. For those of you who are unaware, PokerStars is the world's largest online poker site. PokerStars makes thousands of poker deposit and withdrawal transactions a day to accommodate their huge player base. Because of this PokerStars has ensured that they have the most up to date poker deposit options and quality player support, in case players have questions about making a deposit at PokerStars.

Get $600 FREE at PokerStars when you use the marketing code KOW500 when you are creating a new account at PokerStars.

If you don't see a cashier in the PokerStars lobby:
You have probably downloaded the version. Visit and download the software from there. If you create a new players account and enter the pokerstars marketing code KOW500 when signing up you will receive $600 free.

In order to make a deposit at PokerStars you must first sign up for a player account at and enter all of your correct personal information (be sure to use the marketing code mentioned above in order to receive a deposit bonus). Once you have created your PokerStars account you can log in to the PokerStars client. In the bottom right of the PokerStars client you will see a fairly big red button that says 'Cashier', click this button (If you don't see a cashier button you must have downloaded the .Net version of PokerStars). Once you click on the cashier button a new window will pop up. This cashier window will display your personal information on the left hand side and your real and play money account balances on the left. If you haven't made a PokerStars deposit yet your real money balance should show $0.00. Along the right side of this PokerStars cashier window you will see a couple buttons. In order to make a PokerStars deposit you must click on the 'Buy Chips' button.

After clicking on the Buy Chips button you will be brought to the PokerStars deposit window. In this window you will find the different PokerStars deposit options available to you (each country has different options available to them). In my PokerStars deposit options window I have 9 different deposit methods listed, which are all very good poker deposit options. If you are unsure on what a certain deposit method is that is listed you can click on it and then click the 'More Information' link near the bottom. Once you have decided on your PokerStars deposit method you can click on it and then click on the deposit button in the bottom right. This will bring you to the specific deposit method window, which will require you to fill out the information asked for. For example, with the PokerStars credit card deposit it asks for the card number, verification number, expiry date, and amount that you wish to deposit. When you are finished filling out the information double check it and then click submit. Your PokerStars deposit should be credited to your account instantly.

Visit now and write down the marketing code KOW500 for a $600 bonus!

My favorite PokerStars deposit methods:

PokerStars Instant eCheck deposit
PokerStars Credit Card deposit
PokerStars Moneybookers deposit

A full list of methods available for depositing at PokerStars will be coming shortly. Make sure you enter the marketing code listed above in order to receive the exclusive PokerStars deposit bonus. German poker players can check out the special PokerStars marketingcode that they can use to receive the same bonus at PokerStars. © 2017